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Understanding EU food contact regulations

Understanding EU food contact regulations

In September 2020, EU 2020/1245 was enacted by the EU to limit the ingestion of harmful substances from Food Contact Materials (FCM). This new regulation directly impacts the FCM industry, which is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. FCM brands need to adapt to the changes to stay compliant and continue to deliver safe products to consumers.

Este Libro Blanco le dará información sobre :

  • EU plastic food contact materials (FCM) updates
  • How the changes affect the FCM industry and products
  • Timeline on implementation of the new regulation
  • Comparison of the requirements before and after the update
  • New testing process and lead time
  • How QIMA can help
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Understanding New EU Food Contact Material (FCM) Regulations

Food contact materials are some of the most highly-regulated items currently on the market. See how worldwide standards for Food Contact Materials have changed to include more stringent migration limits, longer testing periods and increased oversight of heavy metals, and learn what your organization may need to do to adapt and consistently deliver safe, quality products to your customers.

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