SMETA Basic Internal Auditor Workshop

Sedex authorizes QIMA to launch SMETA Basic Internal Auditor Workshop in 2022

QIMA has been officially certified by Sedex to provide SMETA Basic Internal Auditor Workshop training to factories, suppliers and corporates in China.

To ensure that the workshop is of standard, Sedex has selectively certified trainers from third party providers to conduct this workshop.

Why is SMETA Basic Internal Auditor Workshop important? 

With organizations continuously embracing sustainability, there has been an increasing demand for internationally recognized Sedex SMETA audits. As one of the few approved providers by Sedex, we have launched SMETA Basic Internal Auditor Workshop to help you understand the basic requirements when preparing for a SMETA audit.   

SMETA is a methodology/program introduced by Sedex, a leading ethical trade membership organization. SMETA audits are widely used across various industries to evaluate responsible practices in global supply chains. SMETA audits enables businesses to assess their suppliers' performance across four key areas: labor standards, health and safety, environment management, and business ethics.  

How can this workshop help you? 

SMETA Basic Internal Auditor Workshop will help you get ready for future audits: our expert trainer will guide you through the entire auditing process, from preparation, scope and requirements to controlling risks in compliance.   

In addition to suppliers and factories, this training workshop is beneficial for professionals such as Environmental, Health & Safety managers, HR managers, Social Responsibility managers, and other related roles that require a basic understanding of social responsibility audits.   

About the workshop 

This workshop will allow you to:

  • Understand Sedex and SMETA audit tools 
  • Understand SMETA audit process, scope, and requirements 
  • Familiarize with the workflow with a third-party auditor through case studies and role-plays 
  • Help your corporates better manage and control compliance risks
  • Solve potential issues when using Sedex platform 
  • Receive SMETA Basic Internal Auditor Workshop Certificate jointly issued by Sedex and QIMA, upon successful completion of the course 

Training content:

  • Introduction to responsible business and Sedex
  • Introduction to SMETA methodology and audit preparations
  • SMETA audit process
  • Scope, requirements, and points of SMETA audits
  • Guidelines for generating SMETA site audit reports
  • Auditor role-play and case study
  • Assessment 

Course Schedule