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2024 Global Supply Chain Landscape and Trends

2024 Global Supply Chain Landscape and Trends

This survey report analyzes the latest developments in global procurement patterns, including a general outlook for 2024 and key trends such as the growing importance of ESG, the relationship between supply chain digitization and multiple facets of compliance, and the evolution of key sourcing geographies, with a special focus on China and nearshoring regions.

Este Libro Blanco le dará información sobre :

  • Foreseeable supply chain disruptions
  • Shift in supply chain concerns
  • ESG impact and digitization
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Explore the findings of QIMA’s H1 2024 survey of 800+ businesses with international supply chains for insights into the key trends shaping global sourcing today and in the near future:

  • 2024 subdued sourcing outlook: 62% of businesses expect ongoing or worsening supply chain disruptions.
  • Shift in supply chain challenges: cost is a primary disruption, followed by demand fluctuation and geopolitical tensions.
  • Limited supply chain visibility: only 16% of businesses know all their suppliers, with almost on-third knowing less than half.
  • ESG considerations gaining importance: 70% of businesses consider ESG factors in their sourcing decisions.
  • Rising digitization impact: digitally advanced supply chains fare better in compliance and traceability.
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