Cosmetics Testing

QIMA provides lab testing, product inspections and supplier audits for cosmetics and beauty products, with particular emphasis given to ethical audits to internationally recognized protocols (SA 8000, SMETA, ETI), and environmental audits (compliant with ISO 14001 as well as local environmental laws and regulations).

More Than a 'PR' Makeover

Few industries are as sensitive to ethical scrutiny as the cosmetics industry. By making a strong commitment to safe factory conditions, fair labor practices, waste management and low carbon footprint, you can secure your brand’s reputation and increase consumer loyalty. A comprehensive ethical and environmental audit program is the best way to ensure these standards throughout your cosmetics supply chain.

Proper Testing Protects Your Consumers

Cosmetics and beauty products must stand up to direct, prolonged exposure to skin, including such sensitive areas as the eyes and the lips. Thus, any deviation from the proper formula or production process can put your entire line--and your brand--in serious jeopardy. By testing your product in QIMA laboratories, you can ensure that your cosmetics abide by your market’s consumer safety regulations, while our on-site product inspections will verify that your products are manufactured, packaged and shipped to your specifications.

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Nuestra plataforma de línea y la aplicación móvil le facilitan agendar el monitoreo de producción y recibir los resultados en cualquier momento. Agende inspecciones nuevas, visualice pedidos pendientes, acceda a resultados desde su dispositivo móvil. Nuestra plataforma en línea proporciona ideas valiosas de su cadena de suministro, incluyendo un resumen de su actividad de control de calidad, todas las estadísticas de calidad de su proveedor, parámetros y más.

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